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What is SAP GTS?

SAP GTS stands for SAP Global Trade Services. According to the retailer, SAP GTS decreases the time and expenses of complying with global trade laws and gives clarity into the supply chain while goods are in transition that helps to resolve difficulties that can prevent goods from removing customs in a timely manner. GTS allows businesses to maintain and prepare import and export business processes in SAP ERP. SAP GTS is based on SAP Net Weaver technology and can be correlated to both SAP and non-SAP feeder systems. SAP GTS helps you to withdraw expensive setbacks in your import and export business processes and facilitates you to reply quickly to global business opportunities while mitigating financial risks.
The SAP GTS Training in Hyderabad and SAP GTS Training in Bangalore is trained by specialists and the study material prepared by these industry specialist instructors are made with advanced industry updates. 

Why SAP Global Trade Services?

1. SAP is the leading supplier of Global Trade Management services worldwide. With global trade management, you are able to:

  • Defend business brand and image, and avoid business with approved or rejected parties
  • Reduce time-consuming, manual compliance tasks and boost productivity with automation
  • Speed outbound and inbound customs allowance, reducing unnecessary delays
  • Contribute to bottom-line savings through duty minimization opportunities
  • Reduce penalties and fines from trade compliance crimes

2. Easily Classify your Products with SAP GTS

  • With SAP GTS, Business can recognize all reports required for a particular activity, involving those expected by the EAR and by government agencies like the U.S. Department of State. 
  • With SAP Global Trade Services, Business can streamline and automate product classification to match compact documentation requirements

3. Control Electronic Information with SAP GTS

SAP Global Trade Services gives the AES-certified functionality demanded by Industry

4. Perform the largest International Agreements

With SAP Global Trade Services, Company can efficiently manage trade-preference processing in the scope of Free Trade Agreement

5. Mitigate Financial Risk

SAP GRC Global Trade Services also provides support for commonly used types of international payment, helping make sure invoices are paid.

  • The GTS platform offers satisfactory tools for Risk and Compliance Management
  • All the tasks and procedures that are a part of management and customs management modules are taken care of efficiently.

There are no limitations on the size and type of professions for the efficient implementation of the SAP GTS platform, it is suitable for businesses in every industry. This system understands the nature of the business and takes appropriate actions to complete the trading procedures. It aids in withdrawing any setbacks during import and export business processes, which in turn can create a financial strain on the company. It is possible to respond to the global opportunities that develop in the ever-changing business world. All this can be done by reducing the economic risks involved.

With a powerful SAP GTS system, you don't have to worry about keeping a track of international trade laws anymore. The SAP GTS Training in Chennai not only keeps an eye on the different trade regulations and custom rules but also delivers all the trading duties in a certain fashion that the process of exporting becomes extremely simplified.


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